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Shiny hair may be a sign of health as a result of the layers of the cuticle lie flat and mirror light. When the scales of the cuticle lie flat they overlap tightly, therefore the inner layers are well protected from heat, sun, chlorine, and all the other hazards that can return from living in the environment.

When hair is broken, though, the scales might separate and hair will become dry. Because the scales on dry hair do not shield the inner 2 layers moreover, hair can break and look boring.

The type of hair an individual has — whether it’s straight or curly — will conjointly have an effect on how shiny it’s. Sebum, that is that the natural oil on the hair, covers straight hair higher than curly hair, that is why straight hair can seem shinier.

Relying how long someone’s hair is or how briskly it grows, the end of each hair shaft can be a few years previous. Therefore the hair at the tip of the shaft could have survived a few summers of scorching sun and saltwater and winters of cold, dry air. How well you care for your hair from the time it emerges from the root plays a task in how healthy it looks.



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