Helping Your Child Overcome Dental Anxiety

Helping Your Child Overcome Dental Anxiety post image

There’s something about the word ‘dentist’ that strikes fear into many of us. Dental anxiety is exceedingly common in both adults and children.

While dental fear may not seem like a big deal, it can turn into one.

If your dental anxiety gets worse over time, it can lead to you missing dental appointments and ending up with poor dental health. That’s why, if your kids are scared of the dentist, it’s so important to show them that there’s nothing to be scared of.

If you’re scared of the dentist, then the chances are that you’ll pass this fear onto your child. Or even if you’re not scared of the dentist, you child may still be scared of what a trip to the dentist will entail. Often, it’s horror stories they’ve heard from friends or things they’ve seen on TV or online that strike dental fear into kids.

The good news is that showing your kids a trip to the dentist is no need for alarm is easy. For all the best tips and tricks for beating dental anxiety in children, have a read of this.

Be careful about how you talk about the dentist

If your children hear you mention how scared you are about your upcoming checkup, they’ll think there’s something to be scared of. That’s why it’s so important to be careful of how you talk about your dental checkups and treatments. If you’re anxious about something, try not to show it. Only mention the dentist in a positive way in front of your kids, so as to not scare them.

Words like ‘pain’ and ‘worried’ stick with kids and make them feel like there’s something to be scared of. It’s not about sugar-coating things but about being careful of what you say around little ears. As often, kids can mistake things as being much worse than they actually are.

Choose a child-friendly dentist

When it comes to dental checkups, it’s a good idea to choose a child-friendly dentist. Look out for a dentist who is good with kids, knows how to talk and treat them, and make dental checks less scary. For everything that you need to know about picking a dentist, check out http://www.sheknows.com. Sitting in a big chair with a light shone into your mouth is scary for anyone, let alone a child. That’s why picking a dentist who is good with kids is so important.

If you’re on the lookout for a new dental surgery, check out http://www.eastindydentalcare.com/. Here you’ll find lots of information about the services and dentists on offer so that you can choose a suitable one for your child. It’s always a good idea to go and view a dental surgery before taking your child for a checkup so that you can ensure it’s child-friendly.

Talk to your kids about what happens at a dental check up

Sometimes, kids are scared of the dentist because they don’t understand what a checkup entails or why it is necessary. Sit down with your children to explain to them why they need a dental checkup and explain what happens.

All you need to say is that the dentist wants to count their teeth and make sure that they’re all healthy and happy. As for why a dental checkup is needed, explain that sometimes teeth become unwell and need medicine. So the dentist needs to make sure that all the teeth are healthy so that their smile stays looking good.

To help ensure your kids aren’t scared of the dentist, all you need to do is take these tips on board. Dental checkups don’t need to cause anxiety, and it’s important for your little ones to realize that.

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