Vaping Is Now A Fashion, Are You On Board?

Vaping Is Now A Fashion, Are You On Board? post image

Every so often I like to catch up with the latest trends in fashion. I’m not just talking about clothing or makeup. I’m talking about the trends that everyone starts to follow, not just ultra stylish girls.

Something that keeps grabbing my attention lately is vaping.

Vaping used just to be thought of as a form of quitting smoking. Not anymore. Now, it’s got a following with people vaping who have never smoked in their lives.

It’s interesting to look at why vaping has become so popular.

It Looks Cool

As you can see from the picture, there’s something about vaping that looks mystical. Perhaps even a tad erotic and as we all know, erotica has a huge impact on fashion. But for smoking, it’s the fumes as they leave the mouth in wide, silky smoke. Girl and guys look great when they smoke, so people claim. Do you agree?

Everyone’s Doing It

Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound like a sixteen-year-old girl in high school there. What I mean is that vaping has caught on in a massive way. It’s not just random people on the streets; celebrities are vaping. When celebrities start following a trend, you just know it’s going to be massive. Katy Perry, Johnny Depp, Paris Hilton and many more have been caught on camera vaping. I’d be surprised if your favorite celeb idol hasn’t been snapped vaping at least once.

It’s Cheap

Unlike some trends, vaping isn’t going to cost you a fortune. The average cost of vape liquid is roughly the same as a pack of cigarettes or a bar of chocolate. However, vape liquid will last a lot longer, assuming you aren’t using your e-cigarette 24/7. I think price plays a huge factor in how fashionable something becomes. The cheaper something is, the more people can afford it, and thus it becomes universally embraced.

It’s Fun

There’s no doubt that vaping isn’t fun. Vaping, unlike smoking, isn’t addictive. So, if you’re vaping you’re not doing it because you feel you need to. You’re doing it because you want to. When you vape, you’ll get a funny feeling at the back of your throat. But it won’t be that nasty burning sensation that you sometimes get when you smoke. Instead, it almost tingles.

It Tastes Great

One of the biggest selling points of vaping is the different flavors that you can buy. They are as wide and varied as one penny sweets. You can get vape liquid that tastes like strawberry, bubblegum or anything else that you could possibly imagine. That means after vaping, you won’t have bad breath either. In fact, you will taste pretty darn delicious if someone kisses you.

It’s Quite Relaxing

Finally, I think this might be the main reason celebrities have latched onto this trend. Vaping makes you feel relaxed and as much as we envy them, celebs have stressful lives. It can’t be easy being followed around by cameras and vaping seems to relieve some built up tension. Of course, it’s not just celebs who feel stressed, and that’s probably why it’s also been universally embraced.

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