Alternative Ways to Fight Cancer

When the body has too much toxic burden from chemotherapy and radiation, the immune system is compromised or destroyed, hence the person can succumb to various kinds of infections and complications. Chemotherapy and radiation can cause mutation of cancer cells, making them tough and difficult to destroy.

An effective way to battle cancer is not to feed cancer cells those foods they need in order to multiply. Therefore, many people are getting interested in natural remedies and alternative treatments of this disease.

Ozone therapy

Ozone therapy is a treatment that helps to cure cancer and prevent the proliferation of cancer cells. Cancer cells develop in environments of low oxygen. In this regard, ozone treatment increases oxygen which lack of causes the development of the disease. It is known to be effective against prostate, pancreas, cerebral cancer and is a definitive helper in any type of tumors.


Shiatsu in Japan has been used as a preventive medicine but the benefits it has for health in complementary medicine are wide known and it is especially used to treat the symptoms of this disease. Shiatsu is a natural and alternative therapy where the therapist applies pressure to specific points on the patient to heal and improve health and energy balance of the person. It is a practice that was recognized as a natural healing method since more than 50 years ago and which we know little or nothing about in other cultures. The symptoms related to chronic diseases, sleep problems, back pain or problems in pregnancy are known to be cured from the practice of Shiatsu. In the case of cancer, Shiatsu improves the general welfare of the patient, induce relaxation and harmony but also works against symptoms such as pain, anxiety, nausea, or shortness of breath.

Magnet therapy

Scientists have used magnetic fields to make the cancer cells literally self-destruct and application studies took place in South Korea. Through apoptosis, body gets rid of the old, defective and infected cells. In the body, there are many molecules and free ions that function as dipoles due to the orientation of their respective loads and when subjected to magnetic fields certain substances and different pathologies treated as inflammation or tumors are mobilized. The magnet acts in tissues such as muscles, bones, lymph glands, etc, favoring recovery processes.

The ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet is a real alternative to prevent and treat cancer because you can remove the food with cancer cells to prevent proliferation and even the onset of cancer. In addition to controlling the levels of blood insulin and leptin through proper diet, exercising and getting a good mental state control stress and emotions among other things, which are key points to win the battle against cancer and also to prevent its occurrence.

The use of cannabis

Although there are still a lot of controversy, little information that comes to light and no presence in the media due to economic interests, more and more people are opening their mind to alternative medicines, one of them being the cannabis as a tool to alleviate the symptoms of diseases such as cancer, that also have direct anticancer effects. Cannabis has certain substances that are known to relieve pain, reduce insomnia and stimulate appetite where other common medications fail many times, so many patients chose to get informed on benefits of THC, learn about strains and experiment with cannabis oil.

THC was associated with intense activity effective to end cancer cells in all patients who were examined as this compound and its synthetic emulators attack malignant cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed. Cannabinoids completely eliminate free radicals by stimulating the growth of brain cells and protecting the brain tissue.

Colloidal silver as a treatment

Colloidal silver is a great ally against cancer and for many years colloidal silver was considered one of the most beneficial natural antibiotics to fight various diseases. Treatment with colloidal silver water is used in some clinics to cure cancer and more people are getting to know its properties. Colloidal silver is great as a weapon against microorganisms that may develop the capacity of mutation with no defense mechanism which makes it effective in treating cancer. Basically, colloidal silver inactivates the enzymes in microorganisms preventing them to absorb the oxygen they need to survive.

Alternative medicine that promotes the use of therapies of proven effectiveness still cannot scientifically replace conventional cancer treatments. Even so, some complementary therapies used in conjunction with cancer treatment and under medical supervision and control definitely have beneficial effects in relieving symptoms, alleviating side effects of treatments, improving the quality of life of patients and destroying cancer cells.

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