The Complete Guide To Health & Fitness At Work

We all spend an incredible amount of time at work these days, and for those with a more sedentary job, this can cause health and fitness issues.

Over the years, the human body evolved to allow for more activity, not less.

So, sitting in front of a computer screen for many hours at a time is not the ideal conditions for a healthy lifestyle.

The big question is -what can we do about it?

There are a few ways of ensuring you are staying on top of your health and fitness at work. And, in this guide, we’re going to show you a few ideas that have the most impact. Let’s get started straight away with some of the basics.

Healthy Eating

First of all, make sure you are eating a healthy lunch, and avoiding sugary snacks between meals. A hearty breakfast – such as porridge- will help set you up for the entire morning. It’s full of slow-burning energy which will help you avoid any mid-morning temptations.

A healthy lunch will not only help you avoid piling on calories, but it will also help you work with a clear head for longer in the afternoon. Avoid the pizza and burger section in the staff canteen, and look for plenty of veggies or salads instead.

Think about portion control, too. If you stuff your face at lunchtime, you are going to feel sluggish and unproductive in the afternoon.

More Water

Staying hydrated throughout the day is vital to a healthy lifestyle. And, it’s something you need to think about even more in the workplace. When you consider heating and air conditioning, and the drying effects they have on your body, you need to drink more fluid than you would at home.

Eight to ten glasses of water every day is the minimum you should be looking for.

Better Exercise

If you are sitting down all day, try and walk to work where possible. You should also leave your desk for ten minutes or so to stretch your legs every couple of hours. Try and do some exercises at lunchtime if you have the time.

You can even speak to your employers about introducing some kind of fitness scheme for work. Point out the benefits to them, and they might think about introducing something to the workplace.

Speak To Your Employers

While we’re on the subject of speaking to your employers, bring up and health and fitness issues you have with them. Again, if you give them a reason it will benefit them, they will be more likely to take the plunge.

For example, smaller businesses might benefit from speaking to a health and safety consultancy. Or, you could ask them to provide you fruit bowls at your desk to encourage people to stop eating chocolate or crisps at lunchtime. If you can prove its value to the business, they will listen.

Take time off

You are entitled to a holiday – so make sure you take it. Everyone needs some time out, whatever job they do. It will freshen you up, revitalise your mind, and give you a stress-free chance to recover.

OK, that’s all from us – have you got any ideas to share? Let us know in the comments section below!

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