Foods To Help Cure High Blood Pressure

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Do you suffer from high blood pressure? Perhaps you have a list of medication to lower it. I know you would prefer doing it naturally. The main root cause of this condition is sodium and the only way is to reduce it in your diet and consider minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium.

There are a few foods to help slow this down. These foods are;


These fruits contain vitamin C, 9% of potassium, 7% of magnesium and 2% of calcium which makes it perfect for lowering blood pressure.

Peach and Nectarines

These fruits contain 1% of calcium, 3% magnesium and 8% potassium your body need every day.


This is white fish which has extremely low mercury and other harmful toxins. 4 ounces of tilapia can give you 8% of magnesium and potassium that your body needs.


A single banana gives you 15 of calcium, 8% magnesium and 12% potassium your body needs every day.


They are very low in calories and protect your cells from free radical damage. They have 9% calcium, 6% magnesium and 9% potassium and can also control inflammation.

These kinds of food will definitely help you reduce your blood pressure. Eat them as often as possible.

Far from handling blood pressure, we always ask ourselves how we should handle teenagers. They have a lot to battle with and sometimes don’t know who to trust. We want them to be safe and happy all the time but they can take this wrongly at times. Their health and safety comes fast. We need to set a good example for them so that they can adopt behaviors from us.

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About the author: A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.
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