How To Heal After The Permanent Makeup Procedure

How To Heal After The Permanent Makeup Procedure post image

Permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing has gained an immense popularity and became a fast-growing branch of cosmetic industry. Every woman wants to have perfectly groomed eyebrows, well-defined lips and precisely applied eyeliner, but we usually don’t have time to achieve such looks.

That’s exactly why many women undergo permanent makeup procedure. It will simply enhance the beauty of your faint or partial eyebrows and help you put away your eye pencils and lipsticks for a couple of years. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

What most women don’t know is that this procedure might be very painful, therefore it requires proper recovery. Just like any kind of tattoo, permanent makeup is based on applying quality makeup with a needle that penetrates your skin and leaves pigment. After the procedure, your skin will perceive these changes as some kind of shock, especially because they resemble skin-deep wounds. If you’re not sure how healing process after cosmetic tattooing looks like, check these amazing tips out.

Healing Time

Most women freak out when they see no results in the very beginning or if they notice that the color is overly dark or uneven. If you spot such things, don’t worry. This happens because the pigment released needs to get in contact with your skin undertones and then it will start changing. For example, your brows could be orangish-brown or even yellow, while the color on your lips will seem practically ridiculous, being too intensive.

Finally, when your skin heals and the swelling goes down, your permanent makeup will become brighter. Although your cosmetic tattoos will look completely natural in first couple of months, later you might spot certain changes. Therefore, it is likely that you will need a couple of touch-up appointments.

When it comes to the sole skin healing, it depends on numerous factors, including the procedure applied, our age, as well as how person reacts to food, bruises, swelling and so on. The inner healing lasts for a month, while the outer healing is shorter and it depends on the tattooed area. For example, eyebrows undergo the minimal shock and swelling, which means that you will be fine in a couple of days.

On the contrary, eyes undergo moderate swelling, which can be reduced in a week or so, while lips go through the greatest shock and need 10 days for a complete recovery. If you want to make your healing easier and more enjoyable, you need to stay at home and apply antihistamines that will reduce swelling, as well as cold packs that feel great on your skin. Also, you should NEVER pick or scratch the pigmented area for it could result in infection and other complications.


If you notice that your eyebrows are too thick or dark, don’t despair for they will look completely normal in a week. When it comes to redness and swelling, they’re very slight. You should avoid tweezing and waxing the tattooed area for they might cause inflammation and harm the pigment. You shouldn’t wash the tattooed area, use soaps, take long showers and apply makeup. Once your skin is healed, you can apply a brow powder in order to make sure whether it can camouflage your, still overly dark, eyebrows.


After this makeup procedure, the swelling and redness of your skin will be moderate. That is why you should apply an ice bag to this area in order to soothe your skin. Firstly, you need to stay away from the sunlight, but if you need to go out, sunglasses are a real must for you. Secondly, you should never wear contact lens during the procedure or 24 hours after it. During the recovery, you shouldn’t apply any makeup, use lash curler or take steamy showers. If you want your permanent eyeliner to look natural and to preserve its color, you need to moisturize the area all the time, usually by using artificial tears.


Lips seem to go through the largest shock when it comes to cosmetic tattooing. Therefore, they will be dry and prone to oozing, bloating and swelling. Firstly, you need to moisturize them all the time in order to help them recover and maintain natural pigment. Since your lips will be painful after the procedure, you need to eat food with a fork and drink water with a straw, without touching the lips. You should avoid chlorine pools, long showers and scratching your lips.

Permanent makeup makes our lives easier. It helps us look gorgeous as if we spent a couple of hours applying makeup. Therefore, although the recovery procedure might be long, painful and frustrating, it is worth trying! Consider it as a long-run investment in your beauty, which will make you feel more confident and satisfied.

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