The Importance Of Regular Moisturisation

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With the advance of science people have learned that what you do or do not do now, will come to bite you in the rear end. But, you need not be a rocket scientist to know that skincare is one of the most important thing you should pay attention to, and must not be skipped on a daily basis, just like washing your teeth.

Routine cleaning

If you want your skin to be moisturised, you will have to make a habit of cleaning it first. Clean it before bedtime, with mild water and a gentle soap to remove the dirt, oil and dead layers of skin which were picked up or made during the day. If you use hot water, this may cause skin to crack and turn red. So it is important to put a layer of moisturiser afterwards, to balance up the skin, close the pores while they are clean, and prevent irritation and possible blemishes.

Especially if you have problems with blemishes and acne, moisturisation is of utmost importance for the recovery of your skin and you must not skip it. Depending on the type of problem you are having, you may combine your moisturiser with fruit acid creams for example. Whatever works with you (and was recommended by your dermatologist).

What do moisturisers actually do

When we open our pores with mild (or hot) water, during shower or regular face cleaning, the pores become susceptible to antigens and allergens, which threaten to invade them and make a mess inside. Since the skin produces sebum, an oily coat which protects it from outside influence, when mixed with dirt for example, it may cause irritation and inflammation, which may turn into blemishes or even some other worst type of skin problem.

Moisturisers are there to keep water impregnated inside skin. They should contain two ingredients humectants and emollients, and when you go to a drugstore you should always read the labels in search for them. Glycerine, urea and hydroxyl acids are humectants, which mean that they absorb water from the surrounding air. Lanolin, petrolatum and mineral oil are emollients, which smooth the appearance or rough skin by filling in the spaces between skin cells. Combined together, they will keep your skin moist and young for as long as you treat it with care.

Skin type

It is a myth that if you have oily skin you should not moisturise. In fact, skin type will only determine the type of moisturiser you are supposed to apply, because you can make a mess if you use inadequate one. Thus, depending on the skin type, here are some rules for deciding what kind of moisturised you should use:

Normal skin – normal skin needs care too. You can apply ointment, but in thin layers, every night before bedtime to keep your skin fresh and young-like.

Oily skin – oily skin needs exfoliation, so look for ingredients such as salicylic and glycolic acids, which can be found in lotions instead of creams.

Dry skin – dry skin demands for protection especially during wintertime, when it is exposed to cold weather and wind, so it threatens to crack even more. This skin type should be treated with creams, which are thick and give more moist. If they contain a lot of oil, the better, because this will enable the tissue to absorb water better through all layers of skin.

Combined skin – this type of skin may be problematic as well, so it is the hardest type for finding a solution. People with a combination of skin types should look for lotions without acids, like dermalogica products, which are bland and will not cause further irritation or infection.

The important thing to note is that whether you are a man or a woman, your skin needs to be moist either way. Men must also know about the benefits of moisturisation, especially when they irritate their skin after daily shaving routine. The skin will need water during summer too, so feed it properly and do not forget about SPF for extra protection from UV rays! Always consult your dermatologist about the SPF number, but you will not make a mistake if using factor 30, which is the optimum sun protector.

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